Structure Map

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:bug report

This is a two part bug, not sure if you wanted me to report 2 separate reports, let me know for the future. After creating a structural map and the end of the screen there is a button that reads SUBMIT along with the same button on the top of the screen. The button on the bottom is not working, once you click this on it brings you to a blank screen. If you click the top button SUBMIT it works.

The second bug is once I created the structural map and go to view the FOXML no information appears for the data I entered under the structure map. My collection is Nancy DeNicola Collection and the title is: Book testing of structural map.



Status:active» fixed

Nancy, the bug for submit is fixed. For viewing smap, since smap is not part of the xml (xml only has a linking url for it in file section), you need to copy the url and paste to your browser (better using IE) to view the generated xml. -YY


Status:fixed» closed

I tested this just now for a periodical object. I was able to create a structure map and save it by clicking the submit button on the bottom of the screen. I verified that the top Submit button also saves information.

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