Edit ETD Information - Year of Birth is not preserved

Project:OpenETD - Rutgers Electronics Thesis and Dissertations Platform
Category:bug report

After submission, from the main menu a user chooses track. At that point the user selects "Edit ETD Information." In this form page the user's Year of Birth was not preserved.



Status:active» fixed

Year of Birth has been removed until a clear reason for inclusion can be defined.


Status:fixed» active

Year of birth for the dissertation author is used to help distinguish between people with the same name. This is especially useful when the ETDs are exported to IRIS, where we have many many authors with identical names. Without the year of birth information, considerable effort is expended to research names to find a distinguishing element.


Status:active» fixed

The author's "birth date" is now saved and working as expected within forms.


Status:fixed» closed

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