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Category:feature request
Assigned:Sam McDonald

The old site searched event names from its start (2005). We changed it to search only forwards (from today).
KA occasionally found it useful to search to see if past meetings had happened.
If she want, or we hear from others, we might consider adding an 'archival' page/mode.
No action now. Just entered for memory's sake.



Tibor and I just had a conversation about this, and Tibor feels that we should include this search in the new app.


Assigned to:Anonymous» Sam McDonald
Status:postponed» test

I have added a year selection on the "Search event names" feature. The user can select a year to focus their search on. This took 5 minutes to add.


Status:test» closed

looks good


I don't know if it was by design or just overlooked.

The year search option is only in the public browse.

If you are logged in an choose Search Room Schedule the Year field
is not there.


Title:search not archival» link in footer wrong

In the footer "grey bar" the <a href="" title=""></a> words
link to


While not related to each other #4 and #5 are completed.

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