some testing notes

Category:bug report
Assigned:Sam McDonald

testing at

- should default to today
I'm looking at it it on Monday and is showing yesterday (Sunday)

- looking at any listing
Location should have a colon Actual a colon and a space)
Host Location needs a colon as well.
(Satellite Location(s) does not)

- a detailed event listing has everything with space colon space eventt group. so needs a space between group and :
(I guess we are not colon consistent)
- for phones, if extension is null don;t show teh x..or just remove extensions everywhere since we don't have them anymore?

- emails have inconsistent colons too
Name: Samuel McDonald
Phone: 848-445-5811

Event Name: sam test34
Conferenced? : No
Event Type : Bibliographic Instruction
Description : fghgfhfg

.....also I guess REQUESTOR is not preferred for people..should be REQUESTER

- for January there are 250 events
for the year of 2017 there are 500.
nice round numbers or coincidence?

- after making a reservation, my email says
This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be.

- we need to remember to change teh setting that sends all emails to me!!

- after we discuss/fix the above I'll have Yuhwei test. Make him not be an admin please (for testing)




Assigned to:chadmills» Sam McDonald
Status:active» test

Please test.

All colons should be fixed as best as I can at this time.

REQUESTOR has been replaced with REQUESTER.

I changed the From: address in the message to <a href=""></a>.


Status:test» fixed

looks fine to me


Status:fixed» closed

er, closed AND fixed

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