Show ETD search portal on RUetd Submission System login page

Component:User interface
Category:feature request

Frequently, users go to the RUetd Submission System login page to look for ETDs that have already been added to the repository. Rather than pointing them to the RUcore search portal, add the RUetd search portal to the RUetd Submission System login page.



Assigned to:chadmills» martyb


I'll need to know how you want that integrated into the page? Just a link to a search page, a simple search box, an advanced search box, some other options?


Assigned to:martyb» chadmills

The portal should be integrated into the page as a link to the RUcore ETD search page (""). The link should be after the Contact Us link but before the gray box with info about authentication and NetID. The link text (name) for the link should be "Search for ETDs archived in the RUcore RUetd collection." It needs to be specific because the RUcore page has a line that says "You are searching all content in RUetd" and I don't want them to think that they will be searching the Submission site.

In addition, to help distinguish this site from the RUcore RUetd page that will be linked to, please change the phrase at the top of this login page from "Welcome to RUetd" to "Welcome to the RUetd Submission System" and the following sentence beginning with "RUetd is the Rutgers University service for graduate students ..." to "The RUetd Submission System is the Rutgers University service for graduate students ...".


Assigned to:chadmills» martyb
Status:active» test

Hi. Please test on the dev system. Right now the configured "shortname" for the application on the dev system is "devRUetd". The message requested on the dev system will display "devRUetd" instead of RUetd. When moving to production the shortname is "RUetd". Let me know if you want the shortname setting on dev changed to get the full effect.


Assigned to:martyb» chadmills
Status:test» fixed

We like it. No need to change the shortname. Let's go with it.


Status:fixed» closed

Pushed to production ETD site.

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