logged in. default doesn't stick

Category:bug report
Assigned:Sam McDonald

when logged in, if I set my default to all dates, all types, alex, scc rooms
and log out it doesn't stick
it gives me all dates, all types, alex, all rooms
AND doesn't provide these results.
one would expect all SCC rooms, dates, all types
maybe other things happening in here too?



Assigned to:chadmills» Sam McDonald

That Set as Default thing kind of stinks. I would rather not mess around with it at this time. Let me know though if I should. Warning, it looks like a complicated fix.


Status:active» need info

can you tell if in fact people have set defaults?
if not, perhaps we can make a play to remove the feature?


Status:need info» active

yes. the room is what doesn't stick. date type and building sticks
(didn't try type)
it doesn't work on dev or production


Status:active» postponed

changed to postponed


Status:postponed» test

Genuine bug, please test.


Status:test» closed

fixed. now works as expected

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