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Category:bug report
Assigned:Sam McDonald

when looking at an event, if you opened it in a new tab
the back to calendar button doesn't work since it uses history -1
and so does the breadcrumb for Event calendar



Title:event dispaly: back button» event display: back button
Priority:normal» minor


Assigned to:chadmills» Sam McDonald

Ok, try it now. Capturing the request on the main index.php page and passing it when looking at the event details. On event details if the query is present I reuse it in the "Event Calendar" breadcrumb link. Only works on the public side, not implemented on the admin calendar side.


Status:active» test


Status:test» active

look like it works fine.
follow through on logged in template and the
back button in lower right for both public and logged in


I don't understand your comments. I didn't do anything on the admin /logged in side.


I thought you were asking me if it worked on the public side for breadcrumb and if so, you would do the same fix for breadcrumbs on admin and the lower right backbutton for both


Status:active» test

Ok just added it. I hadn;t see that button before. Sorry.


Status:test» closed


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