Setting to Resubmission Requested to fix metadata doesn't require resubmission

Category:feature request
Status:Moved to JIRA

Currently, if reviewers need metadata to be fixed by the student, they have no way to set a status to ask for that, without using the Resubmission Requested status (or just emailing the student). If they change the status to RR, the student can fix the metadata but doesn't really need to resubmit their PDF. An example of this involves the embargo setting. Graduate School - New Brunswick (and some other schools that submit to ProQuest) will check the embargo setting on the ProQuest form versus the setting in RUetd. If they are different, GSNB has started to use the Resubmission Requested status to tell the student to fix either the form or the setting in RUetd. If the student changes the metadata in RUetd, they don't actually need to resubmit.

Is it possible to add a new status that can be set by the grad school if the metadata needs to be changed but the PDF doesn't need to be resubmitted? This is not necessary now but might be something to think about if the software is rewritten in the future.



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