Special characters in abstract not always correctly exported

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RUetd requires that the abstract be entered in the ETD Info screen so it can be passed along with the other metadata that goes to WMS and ProQuest. Often, abstracts in ETDs have special characters. The student who enters the ETD metadata will usually copy and paste the abstract, either from a Word file or a PDF, into the ETD Info field. If the abstract has special characters, they will frequently be entered in the field correctly if they are single characters, but multiple special characters in a string, such as a formula, may not be translated into the XML metadata correctly.

One example of this situation is the May 2016 ETD, rutgers-lib:50595, RUetd paper ID 7165, author Nathaniel Shar. That paper has a very complicated formula in the abstract, which had to be removed from the XML file before the ETD could be imported correctly into WMS. Subscript characters in the abstract also were incorrectly exported. A copy of the title page and abstract of this ETD is attached to this issue.

If possible, the RUetd code should be changed to correctly store and export all special characters.



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