Archival datastreams not found on production

Project:RUcore Jobs & Reports
Component:Report - production

While running the pyramidal TIFF update job the following were found to not have archival datastreams.

Inspecting rutgers-lib:2248 (198 of 35786)
Inspecting rutgers-lib:2249 (199 of 35786)
Inspecting rutgers-lib:2252 (200 of 35786)
Inspecting rutgers-lib:2253 (201 of 35786)
Inspecting rutgers-lib:2255 (202 of 35786)
Inspecting rutgers-lib:2257 (203 of 35786)
Inspecting rutgers-lib:2267 (204 of 35786)
Inspecting rutgers-lib:36996 (23193 of 35786)



Status:active» fixed

For the 22xx series of objects: There appears to be some sort of event that occurred on March 12, 2013 that caused new presentation datastreams to be generated, which is odd because these objects originated around March of 2004. There does not appear to be any audit trail pointing to previous versions.

After discussion with Rhonda and Linda, it was determined the only real recourse was to generate best-effort replacement ARCH1 datastreams from the best available copy among the presentation datastreams.

rutgers-lib:36996 cannot be found. Perhaps someone purged it?


Status:fixed» closed

36996 was purged on 12/14/2016

59152 | rucore00000002152 | 2016-12-14 | 11:38:33 | rutgers-lib:36996 | purged | ka17 | NULL |

I think it ended being marked as a test object; thus purged.

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