Faculty collections are being created under Rutgers Faculty Collection

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:bug report

We identified another sporadic issue with mapping user information after changing LDAP query to use LDAP DN instead of anonymous login.

For some users, first name maps to: facstaff:nb:enabled student:google:enabled firstname
For some other users, first name maps correctly but department code maps to: facstaff:nb:enabled student:google:enabled 10163

When department code does not map correctly, in this case 10163, the WMS creates a collection directly under Rutgers University Faculty Collection tree.



What is the underlying problem, and what is the remedy?


Priority:normal» critical


For #1, just to clarify. The issue mentioned in the original entry (#0) is due to the fact that WMS ldap code was originally designed to handle anonymous ldap output. After switching to ldap dn binding, the code for retrieving ldap output no longer handle the output well, causing the values of some ldap fields being concatenated together. So the code needs to be updated. -YY


Version:8.1.1» 8.1.2


Status:active» fixed

I tested creating a couple of faculty collections and all were created in the correct hierarchy. LDAP information to create user accounts also map correctly.


Status:fixed» closed

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