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Project:RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing
Category:feature request

On TEST AND DEV please add a field to the index for any mods:name with @type="corporate" with a mods:roleTerm = "degree grantor" Example is:

<mods:name type="corporate">
<mods:namePart>Rutgers University</mods:namePart>
<mods:roleTerm authority="RULIB">degree grantor</mods:roleTerm>

<a href="" title=""></a>

Also, if you could reindex the entire DEV and TEST repo's after the change that would be great.



Status:active» test

This is set to have the following field (on dev and test):
<field name="modsname_degree_grantor_st">Rutgers University</field>
I'm reindexing both servers. rep-test is about 9% done and rep-dev 50% at the moment. It should be ready to test by later this afternoon.


Looks good on test. Would this need a code change to implement on staging and production?


Yes, a minor code change. It could easily go in with the the two files in the SC&I patch fix.


Status:test» fixed

Marking fixed. I will update once the release version for this update has been decided.


Version:8.x» 8.1.2


Confirmed on staging.


Status:fixed» closed

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