Unable to fix wrong version in Genre

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:bug report

Here is the scenario. A faculty author deposited an article. There was an error with the file, and I alerted him to the problem. He "helpfully" re-deposited the article, and when asked if it was a version of a previously deposited work, he told the system Yes. The system would not let him use the same NISO_JAV version (which is VoR), so he was forced to select Corrected Version of Record (CVoR). The system also provided the relatedItem and descriptiveEvent version metadata.

In fact, this was not a different version, and the faculty user misunderstood the technical meaning of that term. Faculty users make these kind of mistakes with regularity.

When I tried to change the version to the correct one in the WMS, I was prevented from doing so, and given information about the previously deposited work that has that version. I deleted that record because it is unusable, but was still prevented from choosing the correct version ("Error: A different item (system ID = 79269) has already been assigned this version."). I entered the correct version by selecting "enter free text".

I regenerated the cover sheet, but it still says that this is the "Corrected Version of Record". Also, the list of records for this collection also notes CVoR -- but the FOXML, Text view, and the form show "Version of Record (VoR)".

There are two bugs here: the cover sheet appears to be using a value from a hidden database and not from the metadata XML; and the system does not allow the operator to take the necessary actions to correct user mistakes and misunderstandings. The people who process deposited works are experienced, well trained, and supervised until they have demonstrated mastery of the details of processing these resources. In this case, please allow us -- and even the scholar depositor -- to "duplicate" versions in order to do the right thing in the end.



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It looks like this is fixed. I don't find this bug in JIRA although it says it has been moved.


Yea it never was moved. I think at the time I had, but then deleted it from JIRA because it was a pre 8.2 item. That explains comment #2 where I marked it back as active.

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