Unable to create an account with NetID

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:User Management
Category:bug report

Net ID: klt115
The employee type reported bySakai: STUDENT,SUMMER STUDENT

WMS says: System can not find user information based on the NetID. Please double check....

Since we are able to look up this user in Sakai, this is a valid NetID. I am not sure if this is related to the LDAP DN/anonymous look up issue.



Version:8.x» 8.1.1
Assigned to:yuyang» ananthan
Status:active» test

As part of the connecting to LDAP anonymously fix for 8.1.1(<a href="https://software.libraries.rutgers.edu/node/3520" title="https://software.libraries.rutgers.edu/node/3520">https://software.libraries.rutgers.edu/node/3520</a>) this feature can be tested.

The changes that were made for that bug fix are included in that report.


Status:test» fixed

I was able to add this NetID, and also another one (chioumi) that I previously could not add.


This is fixed as part of this patch.



Status:fixed» closed

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