Statisics in dlr/EDIT displaying redundant collections

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When I go to the dlr/EDIT statistics page and select "Rutgers University Archives Collection", the yearbook collections are displayed twice. For example, you will see two collections for "College of Pharmacy". Each collection shows the same results. For example, Encore (Newark College Arts and Sciences) shows 4 objects with 112 downloads for the period January 1, 2016 to June 7, 2016. If I look at the collections under advanced search in the RUcore portal, the collections show up only once.

(In a subsequent email with Jie, this appears to be a display issue and should be fixed in the next release.

Ron J



The RUcore portal, public search, tree starts at the collection with id DLR. The statistics display in questions starts at the id "rucore00000001102" which is the parent of DLR, also known as the root collection.

Basically the stats hierarchy starts like so...

|____Digital Library Repository(DLR) <- this is where the public display starts

The stats display is using a JSON object as that is a rendering of the entire collection hierarchy.

"Rutgers University Archives Collection" is the child of both DLR and NJDH. The JSON object uses the collection identifier as an internal ID. The JSON object cannot not have repeating ID's; but in this case with the "Rutgers University Archives Collection" having two parents it is causing a display issue because of the duplicate ID's. This can be said for all of the children of ""Rutgers University Archives Collection" as well.

The only real fix is to generate unique identifiers for each collection and not repurpose collection ID's when building the JSON object. We will have to then map back the unique identifiers to the collection ID's somehow. This wouldn't be trivial and might take 12-14 hours of development work and another 2-4 hours of integration.


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