Prompt the user to apply Manage Datastreams to the last record viewed/searched/updated

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Component:User interface
Status:Moved to JIRA

Here is an example: I need to add both an archival and presentation datastream. When I search the record, I click on Manage Datastreams and the interface knows which object I want to change. After I add the archival datastream, I click within the same browser tab to Manage Datastream to add the presentation datastream. I expect the interface to know that I am working on this particular object. Instead, the interface currently requires me to re-search the same record I was on.

It should prompt me:
Manage Datastream for [here, link to the last resource updated]?
Search another Fedora object rutgers-lib:__________



I'm not sure I understand the exact problem. Are you using the generic manage datastreams link in the top menu? That is a new one that allows you to type in a PID, but once in you should be able to do other work with the same object once it has been identified. The top menu by design always calls the neutral link allowing a PID to be entered. There is always the tradition manage datastreams link that appears in the Datastream Functions menu for any object in search results or any Full Object Access page. This allows repeated datastream operations on the given object.


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Rhonda wants me to update this, which has been fixed on rep-dev, to the effect that it is ready for testing in 8.2. If it hasn't already been moved to Jira, it should be now.


Status:test» Moved to JIRA

Add to JIRA. Please update the status in JIRA.

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