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Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit

On the metadata page, Publisher Statement: is erroneously set to be required for certain Category values. This is never a required element. The explanatory text should read: “Some publishers require a set phrase to accompany articles archived in a repository.” Please omit specific identifying information from the example: “Example: The published version of this article is available at http://www...”



Status:active» won't fix

Please read or make an effort to remember the requirement document for 4.6 before saying "This is never a required element". The requirement says if genre has value of 'articles', 'postprints', or 'preprints', user need to enter publisher statement. For this release, you have never specifically stated that the requirement has been dropped. You need to clarify the issue with me. -YY


Assigned to:yuyang» rmarker


Read YY's comment.



Status:won't fix» closed

R5.1 requirement.


Version:5.0» 5.1
Category:bug report» task
Assigned to:rmarker» jgeng
Status:closed» active

In a change from the requirement document for Release 4.6, the "Publisher Statement" box on the Faculty Deposit form should never be set to required. Not all publishers require such a statement. This Requirement can discourage faculty from completing the form if they do not have a required statement to enter here.


Status:active» fixed

Fixed, please test


Status:fixed» closed

Checked on lefty64. It works!

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