Add custom wording from Rights metadata to cover sheet

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:bug report
Status:Moved to JIRA

Currently, we are adding custom wording to a cover sheet through a local device in the WMS, the Miscellaneous tab. The Metadata Working Group has approved an appropriate metadata element for this. It can be found here:

Rights metadata
Rights Event, type=Publication notice
Rights Event - Detail

Please update the cover sheet code so that it picks up the custom wording from the rights metadata. The intent is to have this feature available in the WMS and also in dlr/EDIT through the Create a Cover Sheet command.

The SOAR staff has been putting the custom wording in both places since the MDWG recommendation, in the Miscellaneous tab for the purpose of getting the info on the cover sheet, and in the rightsMD for the purpose of preserving the info. Once this change is implemented, we will no longer need the Miscellaneous tab.



Version:8.x» 8.2

Changed to include in Release 8.2. As written it is not possible to regenerate a cover sheet in Fedora (after an object is ingested). This is necessary because the article sometimes has not been assigned to an issue at the time of deposit, and we need to update the citation on the cover sheet later -- sometimes several months later. The Generate Cover Sheet job in Fedora can only use information that is in the metadata datastream, and as currently written, the custom wording is taken only from local information in the WMS. That was always intended to be a temporary solution, until the MDWG could discuss the best location for this information in the metadata record.


Category:feature request» bug report

This fixes the current code, allowing it to be shared by WMS and Fedora (dlr/EDIT) to regenerate a cover sheet with updated information while retaining the "custom wording".


Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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