Statsupdate method taking a while

Project:RUcore Statistics
Category:bug report

When recording a stat the method takes upwards of 17 seconds to respond. Sample URL being submitted is {key} was replaced on purpose:{key}&mine_type=image/jpeg&data_stream=readbook&object=rutgers-lib:201602&



Assigned to:jgeng» chadmills

Back to you, hopefully you can get around with this. Thx


Status:active» test

Fixed by making a async call when accessing the bookreader. This was the only time I could find where a stat entry took a while and it was isolated to a very complex and historically odd item; but nonetheless this is a better solution.

Test by viewing an item that uses the bookreader and make note of the number of "Read Online" entries in the stats. Open the item using the book reader and check that stats again. The book read should open quickly and the number of "Read online" should increment by 1.


Status:test» fixed

Tested, marking fixed.


Status:fixed» closed

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