Need a separated section for separated material

Project:Rutgers EAD Finding Aids

Now the separated material contents is under related material, need to be separated. It's not just for Jazz Study.



Assigned to:jgeng» cradick
Status:active» test

fixed, test during 8.1 test period.


Yes, seeing separated material in finding aids that have it as a category.


This appears as separate in the "rucore" version. The print/pdf version has headers, but not a section break (horizontal line) (see
<a href="" title=""></a>,) so
Separated material is showing under related material. [The name and subject tracings need to be set off as well...will look into that
a bit more to see if it's an issue in all finding aids or just those with separated materials in them and put a request in through


Assigned to:cradick» jgeng
Status:test» active


Assigned to:jgeng» cradick
Status:active» test

horizontal lines have been added to both sections. Please test.


just tested. Horizontal/separator lines are appearing. Thanks!



Assigned to:cradick» ananthan
Status:test» fixed


Status:fixed» closed

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