In SOAR deposits, thumbnail is a black blank

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:File Upload Module
Category:bug report

Recent deposits are creating a black, blank thumbnail. This is happening in production (Release 7.7.1) when either DOCX or PDF is uploaded. I just tested it on test (Release 8.1) and the same thing happens.

I don't think this is the result of RUcore code, but I don't know where else to report this. Please alert the correct people and correct my assignment of this issue.




Component:Faculty Deposit» File Upload Module
Assigned to:jgeng» yuyang

See the datastreams in rutgers-lib:49508 for an example. Version .0 is the original one.

Also happens when file is uploaded in the WMS, and does not go through the SOAR deposit.


Status:active» fixed

Changed the WMS configuration entries for convert and identify commands to point to the older versions of ImageMagick. In 8.1, we will change the configuration to point to the new version.

Tested in test and production and a proper thumbnail image is created.


Version:7.7.1» 8.0.1


Tested on staging, and it is fine there, too. This is the first of two issues entered for this problem.


Status:fixed» closed

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