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When managing relationships the title displayed for existing relationships is not explicitly displaying mods:title/mods:titleInfo but rather the first mods:titleInfo that is discovered. Sometimes that is a Collection title. Tighten up the xpath used to obtain the title for display.



Is there a particular object on a particular server that exhibits this behavior?


rutgers-lib:46630 on production.

Title is : Pioneer (Central Inshore). CP02PMCI, Coastal Profiler Mooring

Listing in manage relationships reports....

Pioneer Array (rutgers-lib:46630) —> hasInstrumentation —> CTD Profiler: Sea-Bird. SBE 52MP. (CP02PMCI-00003) (rutgers-lib:49062)

and so on.

"Pioneer Array" isn't the title of 46630


Is this one of those new ooi objects? Is there any object like this on dev or test with which I could actually work? I've been choosing the first title as likely the best bet generally, but how am I supposed to guess that the middle title here is the actual one?
<mods:relatedItem type="is constituent of"><mods:titleInfo><mods:title>Pioneer Array</mods:title></mods:titleInfo></mods:relatedItem><mods:relatedItem type="has instrument"><mods:titleInfo><mods:title>CTD Profiler: Sea-Bird. SBE 52MP.</mods:title></mods:titleInfo></mods:relatedItem>
<mods:relatedItem type="host"><mods:titleInfo><mods:title>Pioneer Array</mods:title></mods:titleInfo><mods:identifier type="local">rucore00000002310</mods:identifier></mods:relatedItem>


You are looking at the wrong section of the MODS. All you need to look for is:


Not relatedItem->titleInfo->title

<mods:title>Pioneer (Central Inshore). CP02PMCI, Coastal Profiler Mooring</mods:title>


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I'm looking for $subjtitlexml->xpath('//mods:titleInfo/mods:title[1]');
It looks like it would not hurt to use $subjtitlexml->xpath('/mods:mods/mods:titleInfo/mods:title[1]'); instead. I put that in on dev and test, but I can't test it on an ooi style object.


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So why not edit an existing resource on dev and test and add a relatedItem->titleInfo->title? I shouldn't be testing something if you have not already tested it yourself. Also, these are 8.1 changes; not meant for the test server until code freeze. Please back out of changes on the test server.


Assigned to:triggs» chadmills
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They don't need special objects for testing if the ooi object has /mods:mods/mods:titleInfo/mods:title and all the objects have this.I tested it on normal objects and the /mods:mods/mods:titleInfo/mods:title titles appear.


It looks like correct title is being displayed. Would you please take a look at this?


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Confirmed, thanks.


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