DOI and personal name when role is "Depicted"

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)

When the name element in a MODS record (e.g., type="personal") has the role "Depicted" or "depicted", the DOI does not resolve. This is a valid use of the MODS metadata to record the person portrayed in a photograph (for example). In order to allow the DOI to resolve, please update the DOI XSLT to take this into account.

When there is a name element that has a role "Depicted" or "depicted",
Write "No creator provided" in the DOI metadata and set the status to "public".

If there is another name element in the resource record that has one of the "creator" synonyms that we have already identified, that value should be given in the DOI metadata.



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I need clarification for this. In current code, if person has only one role and role=depicted, the output is "<creatorName>No Name Supplied</creatorName>". This seems to be just what you said in your second paragraph above, isn't it? Or I am not reading your description correctly? BTW, if the person has two roles, one dipicted, one creator, DOI will have creator as role. That's what your third paragraph says, right? Please clarify. -YY


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I can't replicate the original problem. I tested with a record that matches the scenario described in the initial post, and the DOI resolves correctly.


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