Incorrect version term on the coversheet if version metadata is edited

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Create/Edit Digital Objects
Category:bug report

Author deposited a VoR, and file and metadata came through fine. But we replaced the submitted PDF with Accepted Manuscript (AM) and changed VoR to AM in genre. After recreating the coversheet, it still says VoR; it should have been AM.

After ingesting the resource, we were able to replace the coversheet using the dlr/EDIT function and it created the coversheet with correct version (AM).



Status:active» test

Couldn't repeat the issue as reported. I created a new record from RUFD, then in WMS changed the version (genre) back and forth with different version values 4 times, each time the cover sheet reflected the correct version. Please test again. Note that cover sheet is a pdf, browsers tend to cache the content of pdf, so please make sure you clear your browser cache before check the cover sheet pdf again each time you re-generated cover sheet. -YY


Assigned to:yuyang» ananthan

Re-assign to Ananthan. -YY


Status:test» fixed

I changed NISO-JAV term in WMS after submitting a resource. Recreating cover sheet updates the version.


Status:fixed» closed

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