Unable to update XACML policy

Project:RUcore Shared Classes
Component:XACML Auth (xacml)
Category:bug report

I am unable to change the embargo date using the Manage Embargo Policies function. I have to use the Edit Metadata function and change the values there. Using the Manage Embargo Policies feature does not have any effect -- it does not do anything.



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It's for you.


James and I just ran some tests on rep-test using the view, add, and change embargo functions and had no problems. I'm not sure if this issue is mine or Jie's (depends on whether it attaches to my Fedora ds ingest functions or Jie's /mellon/includes/classes/php/xacml/class.SharedXACML.php, but we were not able to reproduce the bug just now on a test object of our choice (rutgers-lib:25920 on rep-test), so we will need more specific information about the problem and the failed object.


I have no problems with this on test, but I am unable to make the function work on staging or production.
Staging: rutgers-lib:201074 (just tried to set an embargo on this record)
... but really, every single record has this problem. It has occurred since Release 7.6.


James and I just ran the same tests on rutgers-lib:201074 on rep-staging and had no problems.



What is the status of this?


Assigned to:triggs» chadmills
Status:active» test

I think it is actually working. James and I never could reproduce the behavior. I was able to change the POLICY on the staging object 201074 just now (and remove it).


Status:test» fixed

I added an embargo policy using the Manage Embargo Policies function. Then changed the embargo expiry date using the same function. It worked as expected.


Status:fixed» closed

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