Package method providing incomplete package under some conditions

Project:RUcore API's
Component:Get API
Category:bug report

When provided with a string of files to add to a package if the string ends in the known delimiter a semi-colon the package delivered will be incomplete.

In the user interface this occurs when selecting specific files and not downloading the entire package. To test find something with a package download and Choose "Select files". Initiate the download with all items or partially selected items. Downlaod the package and inspect it to make sure the requested files were supplied.



Status:active» test

See comment #1 for test scenario. This resource can be used along with others.


Status:test» fixed

I tested the fix by choosing "Select Files" and downloaded on .txt file. I inspected the file in excel and everything looked good. So, this fix should be ready to go.


Status:fixed» closed

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