Email the most downloaded list to rucore managers

Project:RUcore Notification System
Category:feature request
Status:Moved to JIRA

1) Output the top 10 most downloaded articles in a text file.
2) Below each article, indicate whether an email was sent to the author or not. If a message wasn't sent to the author, indicate the reason.

rutgers-lib:200976 - test on staging - doi:10.5072/FK2902DJG
---mail sent already---

rutgers-lib:200797 - Work made for hire - doi:10.5072/FK2TX37C15
---mail sent already---

rutgers-lib:200859 - Consumers' report of dangerous products - doi:10.5072/FK2NC5VJ26
---mail sent already---

rutgers-lib:200793 - KA test upload two word doc R5.2 06-10-2011 - doi:10.5072/FK26D5RH07
---mail sent already---

rutgers-lib:200792 - ka test PDF upload R5.2 06-10-2011 - doi:10.5072/FK26T10GS
---mail sent already---

rutgers-lib:201351 - matt's test designee - doi:10.5072/FK2J09ZQ8H
recipient: ccer: <a href=""></a> ---mail sent already---

rutgers-lib:201373 - first test on staging 7.7 - doi:10.5072/FK2PV6GV57
recipient: <a href=""></a> ccer: ---mail sent already---

rutgers-lib:201414 - Book title-test of designee notification receipt - MOST DOWNLOADED - doi:10.5072/FK2T150B3J
recipient: <a href=""></a> ccer: <a href=""></a> ---mail sent already---

rutgers-lib:200751 - dave 2nd fs doc to pdf - doi:10.5072/FK2MK67F00
---mail sent already---

rutgers-lib:200988 - Array - doi:10.5072/FK23R14ZJ
---mail sent already---



Version:8.1» 8-x

Moving to R8-x.


Is this already in place?


Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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