A few minor staging server issues

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:bug report

I'm not sure if these are really bugs, but...

1) Language > Object Part doesn't populate

Using Chrome, in the bib metadata section for a document (tiff), on the staging server, the Language > Object Part does not populate in any encoding scheme. Not sure if this will be populated later or possibly never.

2) Genre

Is lcgft not a Term Source option, or has it been subsumed into lcsh? Especially with RDA coming down the pipe, this is potentially very important...

3) Subject (temporal era)

Dropdowns don't populate

4) Corporate /Organization Name

RutgersOrg-Department doesn't populate. RutgersOrg-School does though...

5) Part > Detail > Type

Doesn't populate

6) Part > Extent > Unit

Doesn't populate



Status:active» closed

This is not a bug. CV terms are not populated in the CV Module. We just need to compile a list and populate them.

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