Add CAS support for authentication


With LDAP authentication with CAS.



Status:active» test

I have finished switching over RUetd to CAS. I have done this on the dev system.

I think we schedule the upgrade during the third or fourth week of January; after the January submissions. Let me know if you want to do it sooner. Either way I hope this gives you ample opportunity to test it out.

You will notice the login screen has changed. It should be pretty straightforward. Logout has also changed. If someone logs in using their NetID the logout will post over the CAS system which notes:

"You have Partially ended "Single sign-on". Note, applications accessed in this web browser session that you have not logged-off or timed-out can still be accessed without re-login. To fully end "Single sign-on", close your web browser."

Everything else should be the same.


Status:test» active

I tried to login with my NetID, got the CAS login page, filled in my info and go a message that the page isn't redirecting properly. Clicking on Try Again gives me the following:

CAS Authentication failed!

You were not authenticated.

You may submit your request again by clicking here.

If the problem persists, you may contact the administrator of this site.
phpCAS 1.3.4 using server (CAS 2.0)

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'CAS_AuthenticationException' in /u2/htdocs/etd_dev/ruetd/library/phpcas/CAS/Client.php:3234 Stack trace: #0 /u2/htdocs/etd_dev/ruetd/library/phpcas/CAS/Client.php(1419): CAS_Client->validateCAS20('https://test-ca...', '\n\n\nisAuthenticated() #2 /u2/htdocs/etd_dev/ruetd/library/phpcas/CAS.php(1080): CAS_Client->forceAuthentication() #3 /u2/htdocs/etd_dev/ruetd/cas/index.php(63): phpCAS::forceAuthentication() #4 {main} thrown in /u2/htdocs/etd_dev/ruetd/library/phpcas/CAS/Client.php on line 3234


Can you do me a favor and try this with a new web browser; if you haven't. I will also check and see if you were a "new" user or not.


I opened a new IE session and tried it again. I was able to login successfully with my NetID. My previous attempt was in Firefox.


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Status:active» test

Thanks! I was having trouble as well when I was developing it. I will mark this back to test for now.


Assigned to:martyb» chadmills
Status:test» active

Please revise the text on the screen that users see when they forgot their password and need to reset it (for local accounts only). The current text is:

"Please supply your username and email address below to reset your password. If you have been using your NetID you will ONLY be resetting your password used in this system and not your NetID password."

A suggestion for the new text is:

"If you are using a local account in RUetd (i.e., not your NetID) and have forgotten your password for that local account, please supply your username and email address below to reset the password. You will ONLY be resetting your password used in this system and not your NetID password."


Status:active» test


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