PDFs that fail coversheet

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Component:Report - production

These are PDFs that still fail the coversheet creation process. There are six that fail with a PDF sever error and one that fails because the object had multiple PDFs. The two files are pdfinfo and exiftool reports on the PDFs. The siz server failures seem to be caused by change:no permissions. The seventh is change:yes, but comes from the object with two PDFs.



It may not be as neat as I thought. The one with two PDFs also had change:no. I'm attaching the jpeg of the annotated list. This is a picture of the list with annotations. Most were able to have covers generated, either right away or after the POLICY had been modernized. Several failed the PDF server, probably because of internal PDF restrictions, as they seemed ordinary enough PDFs otherwise. One failed because it had both PDF-1 and PDF-2 and may have confused the class. Several already had coversheets in place.


I did another run through the seven objects that still failed and created coversheets for all but one of them (that still failed because it's PDF was password protected and could not even be copied). Here is the annotated list:
PDFs that still fail the coversheet
24053 - fixed (with REF-1)
27041 - password protected PDF
41845 - fixed (with REF-1)
41852 - fixed (with REF-1)
43113 - has PDF-1 and PDF-2 - fixed (with two covers and REF-1 and REF-2)
43551 - fixed (with REF-1)
44589 - fixed (with REF-1)


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Kalaivani will inform Jane about the one password protected PDF that still has no coversheet.


try the attached, re-printed from the password protected version.


We fixed 27041 as well now, so all the objects now have coversheets.

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