marc2mods conversion is creating "text" rather than "Text" as typeOfResource and preventing DOIs from being made public

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Create/Edit Digital Objects
Category:bug report
Status:Moved to JIRA

Caryn noticed that she was unable to create public DOIs. The DOI errors were misleading we think:
"Changing DOI state to public ...
Error: Server message for updating DOI state: 400--bad request - element 'datacite': Element '{}creatorName': [facet 'minLength'] The value has a length of '0'; this underruns the allowed minimum length of '1'., line 2"

This proved to be the same with various edits to the creatorName. What we did notice was that creatorName had a resourceTYpe "text" rather than "Text" (as in the WMS pulldown) when created by the marc2mods script. Changing to Text fixed the problem. It should be a fairly simple change I would think.



Project:Rutgers EAD Finding Aids» RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Version:<none>» 8.x
Component:Code» Create/Edit Digital Objects

Probably needs some discussions.


Just noting, the MODS schema has always enumerated typeOfResource with "text" rather than "Text".

* Top Level Element <typeOfResource> *

--><xs:element name="typeOfResource" type="typeOfResourceDefinition"/><!-- -->
<xs:complexType name="typeOfResourceDefinition"><xs:simpleContent><xs:extension base="resourceTypeDefinition"><xs:attribute name="collection" fixed="yes"/><xs:attribute name="manuscript" fixed="yes"/><xs:attribute name="displayLabel" type="xs:string"/><xs:attribute name="altRepGroup" type="xs:string"/><xs:attribute name="usage" fixed="primary"/></xs:extension></xs:simpleContent></xs:complexType><!--

******** Subordinate Definitions for <typeOfResource>

******* resourceTypeDefinition ********
<xs:simpleType name="resourceTypeDefinition"><xs:restriction base="xs:string"><xs:enumeration value="text"/><xs:enumeration value="cartographic"/><xs:enumeration value="notated music"/><xs:enumeration value="sound recording-musical"/><xs:enumeration value="sound recording-nonmusical"/><xs:enumeration value="sound recording"/><xs:enumeration value="still image"/><xs:enumeration value="moving image"/><xs:enumeration value="three dimensional object"/><xs:enumeration value="software, multimedia"/><xs:enumeration value="mixed material"/><xs:enumeration value=""/></xs:restriction></xs:simpleType>


Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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