Citation on coversheet for Book Chapter lacks all book editors

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:bug report

For Book Chapter, only the last entered editor's name appears in the citation on the coversheet. See this example from Marker Rhonda collection, WMS 10057:

Marker, Rhonda MyMiddleName. (2015). Test of Multiple editors should be mapped to separate
Associated Entity elements for type of work, Book Chapter. In Geng, Jie (Eds.), Narrative History of
Hamilton Township (108-129). Trenton, N.J.: History Publication Co..
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The specification for collecting and mapping the name(s) of book editor(s) in the type of work, Book Chapter was modified in, node 3326:

"On the deposit form, in the Book and Book Chapter Information Box, for 'Book Editor(s),' users should be told to separate editors with a semi-colon. When the depositor does this, put each editor in a separate field. If the depositor uses commas anyway, we will fix it on the back end post-deposit. But some depositors will do it right.

Substitute this instruction on the 'Book Editor(s)' box:
(Give all editors, separating names with semi-colons; for example: Caruther, Abigail C.; O'Neil, James)"

That was done, and each editor is written to Descriptive Event - Associated Entity as a separate entity. So now the coversheet needs to pick up all the editors.



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Test. -YY


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Was testing something else and noticed this is working fine now. Will report other issues in separate report.


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