Coversheet for Book lacks citation to published version

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:bug report

The spec requires a citation to both a published version as well as the RUcore version. The cover sheet now says, "Citation to Publisher Version: No citation available."

There is only one value in descriptive event for a Book, the link to the published version. All other parts of the citation are taken from the MODS elements.

Citation to published version –
If there is no edition, omit the parentheses after the title.

(substituting brackets for angle brackets) -- here is the spec for Book, published version.

[mods:name type=”personal”><mods:namePart type=”family”], [mods:name type=”personal”][mods:namePart type=”given”]. ([mods:originInfo][mods:dateCreated]). [mods:titleInfo type=”main”><mods:title] ([mods:originInfo][mods:edition]). Retrieved from [rulib:descriptiveEvent][rulib:type]Citation[rulib:associatedObject][rulib:identifier]

This should generate a citation like this:

Ness, Charlotte & Petal, Elinor. (2006). Analysis of Common Knowledge: Assessment and Value (2nd ed.). Retrieved from <a href="" title=""></a>



Sorry about that citation example!
Should look like:
Ness, Charlotte & Petal, Elinor. (2006). Analysis of Common Knowledge: Assessment and Value (2nd ed.). Retrieved from <a href="" title=""></a>


I was told somehow that in this release only following categories have new requirements for cover sheet: conference paper, book chapter, and review. Apparently that is a wrong impression. Rhonda, where is the original specs? If they are imbedded in software.libraries entries, what is the bug number? I have to go over it one more time to catch what need to be changed. If you have an idea, remind me about the categories that have new cover sheet specs. -YY


Everything gets a coversheet. Not everything has NISO_JAV versions.


This is probably related to <a href="" title=""></a>, Descriptive event not available in fac.deposit:
"for faculty deposit (book), descriptive event is not automatically created ..."

Wait for the DescEvent to be populated, then see if coversheet is properly generated.


Descriptive Event is in place for Book, but the coversheet does not include the Citation to Publisher Version. The spec for the cover sheet is in <a href="" title=""></a>
Also attached here


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Test. -YY


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I am so sorry to send this back to you, but I have tried with two records to re-generate a cover sheet and there still is no citation to the published version. The two records are in the Marker Rhonda collection:

WMS 9981
WMS 10009


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Fixed citation. But for these two records, the book url is in assoicatedObject/reference. The specs seems to ask to look in associatedObject/identifier. Which one is correct? If specs is wrong, please correct it and let me know. -YY


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Creates both publisher and "this version" citations.


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