Multiple editors should be mapped to separate Associated Entity elements

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Faculty Deposit
Category:bug report

On the deposit form, in the Book and Book Chapter Information Box, for 'Book Editor(s),' users should be told to separate editors with a semi-colon. When the depositor does this, put each editor in a separate field. If the depositor uses commas anyway, we will fix it on the back end post-deposit. But some depositors will do it right.

Substitute this instruction on the 'Book Editor(s)' box:

(Give all editors, separating names with semi-colons; for example: Caruther, Abigail C.; O'Neil, James)

Note this may be a feature request and not a bug.



Assigned to:jgeng» jjotto
Status:active» test

Done, please test.


Assigned to:jjotto» ananthan
Status:test» fixed


Status:fixed» closed

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