Title does not come up on 'Ingest Record/Objects into Fedora Repository' screen in Fedora/IO

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Category:bug report

In my own collection, if I have more than x number of records, they all display in the 'Metadata/Digital Object' Existing Records list, but when I go over to the Fedora/IO tab, that record doesn't appear on the screen (presumably because it is too far down the list). I should be able to either:

increase the number of records displayed in Fedora/IO, or
ask for Screen 2

Currently, I have to click on the 'System ID' column heading to put the records in reverse sequential order, and thus bring this record (which has a very high number) at the top.



Assigned to:ananthan» jjotto


If I understand this correctly, we can change the number of records to display. I can show it to you.


Status:active» test


Jane, You can change the maximum number of records to display. By default, it displays 50 records. Change "Max display" to 500 or something.


Assigned to:jjotto» ananthan
Status:test» fixed

Duh. Thanks.


Status:fixed» closed

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