Cannot set portal priority to NULL

Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Searching - Service Agent
Category:bug report

I was testing "".
I followed the instructions to set a priority and now I'm trying to set my test portal's priority back to NULL. But when I edit ssPortals and remove the priority (backspace over the 1 so the field looks empty) and click update, the new value isn't saved (i.e., the priority is still set to 1). The portal I'm testing with is "Marty's test portal 2" (portalID 139). I was able to set the priority to a different number (e.g., 4) but not to NULL.



Assigned to:chadmills» martyb
Status:active» test

Nice find. Please test. Entering any non-numeric value will be interrupted as a NULL value. For instance if you provide nothing, just blank it out, NULL will be set. If you supply "null" or "NULL" as a string NULL will be set.


Assigned to:martyb» chadmills
Status:test» active

Technically, any alpha value (e.g., "NULL", "abc", blanks) causes the priority to be set to NULL. But if a string has a dot in it, should it be considered numeric or non-numeric? In this case, if priority is set to a string with a dot in it, it appears to be treated not as a string but as a decimal number. Knowing this, it might be attempted to "sneak" a portal between two already-set priorities, in which case, the priority is set to the closest integer (e.g., 3.2 is set to 3, 3.5 is set to 4). If this isn't worth another software change, then this issue should be marked as Fixed.


Let's mark it fixed. I think we are starting to dive into the rabbit's hole with the whole dot(.) example.


Assigned to:chadmills» ananthan
Status:active» fixed

That's what testing is for, Alice. ;-)


Status:fixed» closed

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