Problem with entry information

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Create/Edit Digital Objects
Category:bug report

Using Firefox, we created full records for content models BOOK and MAP, using Item Type TEXT and STILLIMAGE. Under Source MD and Technical MD we were unable to enter data in at least a dozen fields, some of which were: INSCRIPTION TYPE, LOCAL BIB ID TYPE, USE TYPE, PROVENANCE EVENT DATE & TIME. The values are all in the controlled vocabulary list.



Assigned to:yuyang» paul
Status:active» test

Paul, do you mean no values are shown in drowdown? If it is, please test again. Otherwise please be more specific about "not be able to enter data" -YY


I just tested it by creating a new Map - StillImage in WMS and had only one problem. The dropdown for Source Technical > Stock Brand had no values. Other than that, everything listed above worked just fine.
Wood Geoffrey D. Collection


Doing the test for Book - Text, Deb reported no problems. All dropdowns work.
Apgar Debra Collection


Assigned to:paul» ananthan


Status:test» fixed

There was no term in Stock Brand. After adding a test term, it was displayed in the interface.


Status:fixed» closed

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