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Several publishers require specific wording that must be added to the "first page" of a work that is archived in an institutional repository. They include Elsevier, Wiley, and IEEE -- and the list is growing. Therefore, we need a way to add text to the coversheet. This feature has been implemented in the WMS, and now needs to be available to add to a newly created coversheet or a replacement coversheet in dlr/EDIT. In WMS, an extra tab named "Miscellaneous" is added next to "Rights MD" in the edit interface for Scholar Deposit records. Clicking that tab will allows the cataloger to add a publisher statement for the cover sheet. A similar functionality must be added in dlr/EDIT.



Will discuss in MDWG: adding metadata to RightsMD. Discussion document attached.


Version:8.1» 8.x

I'm not sure where this is. I believe that Yang was going to build something into the coversheet that would wither get this from metadata (the preferred long term solution) or call the current info from the WMS. But I am still unclear if there is anything I should do on my end (aside from calling the coversheet class).


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