7.7 testing - WMS Generates Error Message when attempted to edit Metadata (Prior to object upload)

Project:RUcore Workflow Management System (WMS)
Component:Create/Edit Digital Objects
Category:bug report

On Test server, was creating a new data object, in the collection "SOAP 2.5 Flat Data". WMS shows object as System ID: 9823 "Test of Appendix B Data, as part of RUcore 7.7 testing November 10, 2015"

After I created the object, I wanted to change the metadata before I uploaded any data. So I selected the option to "Edit Record", and got the following error message on the next screen:

faultCode0faultStringWarning:DOMDocument::loadXML(): Empty string supplied as input in /mellon/htdocs/openwms/test/dwms/common/xml/DomUtility.php on line 30Error getting data from dababase for this record.faultCode0faultStringFatal error:Call to a member function childExist() on a non-object in /mellon/htdocs/openwms/test/dwms/catutil/main/WebInputHandler.php on line 1241

There was no other information on the screen, and I was able to replicate the problem multiple times on the same machine (my laptop).

Just to check, I went to the lab computer, and from WMS, doing the same steps resulted in a different error "Error getting data from dababase for this record." (misspelling of database was in the error message...)

Thanks for checking this out.




Assigned to:yuyang» aletia.morgan
Status:active» test

Aletia, this record has empty metadata xml in the database. Is this a record you created a while back? Do you know any history of this record? If not, just move ahead and test other records. -YY


"Being empty" fits what I was seeing, though not sure why it would have been. I actually just created the object during testing.

Let me try doing another one this afternoon, and see what happens.



Priority:critical» normal
Status:test» under review

OK, I just tried it again - and this time, it seemed to work just fine - I don't recall doing anything differently, though!

I wonder - there was another uploaded object on the list for which data had been uploaded, but not ingested yet. So the new object was the second on the page. That's the only difference I can think of.

Unfortunately, I deleted the un-ingested object before I started the new object this afternoon. Right as I hit delete, I was wondering if that could have been the problem?

Would it be worth creating and uploading data (w/o ingest) and then starting a second one, and see if it has errors?

So anyway, starting a new object without anything else on the list worked properly, and ingested properly.


Status:under review» test

Aletia, I suspect the problem you encountered the first time may be caused by a bug Peter discovered, which I have fixed yesterday. This is probably why you couldn't repeat the issue in your subsequent testing. No proof, though. Anyway, I have changed the status of this bug to test. Please go ahead and make one more effort to repeat what you did the first time, and move on. Thanks, -YY


Status:test» fixed

Created additional objects, edited metadata, uploaded/ingested - all OK.


Status:fixed» closed

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