Way to enter other finding aids as related items

Project:Rutgers EAD Finding Aids
Category:feature request

For the EAD finding aids projects, many of the finding aids feature links to other finding aids (to indicate related collections, for example). As each finding aid will have its own DOI once ingested into RUcore (and this cannot be assigned prior to ingest), there is a process issue by which a finding aid would have to be ingested to get its DOI, but then any already ingested finding aid that refers to it would have to be edited to add in the DOI. In MDWG we discussed finding a way to set up a "related item relationship" so that there would be a way to provide a link to a finding aid that had not yet been ingested (using a Rutgers-lib:) number, for example. Would this be possible? This would enable us to crosslink finding aids prior to ingestion.

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