Generate a list of Roman Coins DOIs that are reserved.

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Annamarie Klose writes: "Is it possible for me to get a list of our
collection's records that have reserved DOIs? That would help me pinpoint
which records need fixing. Alternatively, I don't know if there is a
solution that could be coded to change <displayForm> to <namePart> in all
applicable records. Since we are not sure when the DOI issue happen, there
may be hundreds of records to fix or there could be a very manageable set."



Assigned to:triggs» rjantz
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I wrote a little script to test DOIs and ran it on the Coins collection. I'll attach the two lists, but here is the summary:
dclmediaworkstation4-scc:Downloads triggs$ wc -l reserved.txt working.txt
113 reserved.txt
394 working.txt
507 total


Status:test» active

In addition to these reports, I would like to know if there are any objects that lack proper name metadata but has DOI state set to "public". Can you use the working.txt report and generate this report? Thanks!


Sure. Can you tell be exactly what mods element names I should be looking for that would represent proper metadata? Of the 394 objects in working.txt, 391 have displayForm, 40 have namePart, and 37 have both of these. rutgers-lib:46623 is an example of the latter, with
<mods:name authority="RC_Names">
<mods:namePart type="personal">Marcus Antonius, 83 B.C.E.- 30 B.C.E.</mods:namePart>
<mods:name type="personal">
<mods:displayForm>Marcus Antonius</mods:displayForm>
<mods:roleTerm type="text">Moneyer</mods:roleTerm>


Moved to Jira.


Status:active» Moved to JIRA

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