Allow option to sort bibliography link entries by date (descending order)

Project:SOAR (Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers) Website
Component:User interface
Category:feature request

This is based on a faculty request. It would be nice to offer an option of sorting the bibliography link entries by date, without the categories (Article, Refereed, Article, Non-Refereed, etc.). This additionally eliminates the distinction between refereed and non-refereed, which has raised some little issues in the past. The categories are useful for Form 1 (the promotion/tenure form on which these categories are based), but not necessarily in a CV. We may want to get more faculty input on this, however. Even CVs tend to distinguish between publications and presentations, and that could be another way to go. Please consult with me prior to any implementation, and I can work on rounding up some faculty to provide feedback. Thank you!

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