Include Check Box to SOAR deposit form for researchers to indicate that they have data that they would like to deposit.

Project:SOAR (Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers) Website
Component:User interface
Category:feature request

Need to develop and implement a checkbox where SOAR depositors can indicate that they have research data that they may want to have ingested into the RUresearch Data Repository of RUcore.

Functionality specifics:
- no user-ingest of data is planned at this time
- would simply send a notification to the "new" Research Data Task force to initiate further discussion
- needs to provide for a pop-up to a brief readme file to explain what happens if that option is selected

For 7.7, we need to identify where this would go on the form, and how to create it in a way that it is easily enabled/disabled as needed, given that we are still awaiting the formal OK, although it is anticipated before 7.7 goes live.

Rhonda - I'm sending this to you first. We should work on where it would likely fit in the form, but after that, please reassign to me, and I will finalize the timing, mailto list and readme language.



Assigned to:aletia.morgan» jgeng

If this checkbox is checked, send an email to Research Data Task Force email list (to be provided): Depositor has related data file to send to the repository. Title of deposited resource: (here, put the title of the resource). Depositor: (here, put the name of the depositor). Depositor email: (here, put the email of the depositor)

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