Report for legacy MS Office DOC/PPT/XLS Files in RUcore

Project:RUcore Jobs & Reports
Component:Report - production

We need to generate a report that lists digital objects in production RUcore that contain legacy MS Office files, to anticipate eventual conversion of these files to current Office Open XML formats.



Assigned to:chadmills» ibeard
Status:active» test

Attached are two files.

The spreadsheet is a brief overview of the results with three worksheets. The first worksheet is the contents of all ARCH1 datastreams that are mime-type "application/x-tar". The contents of the TAR was analyzed and a list was created using the file extensions of the contents. This data can be used to determine what files exist of the desired type based on the extension. The second worksheet is the mime-type of all ARCH datastreams. This information can be used to determine the desired files based on mime-type for resources that do not TAR their archival masters. The third spreadsheet contains two errors found when attempting to read the contents of a TAR file. You might want to investigate those individually. They may be corrupt.

The second file is a ZIP of the report with all of the raw data used.

A quick note. This analysis was only run on the most recent version of the ARCH datastream. Previous versions were ignored.


Status:test» closed

Thank you Chad!

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