Informing the user that some files in an object are restricted, and some allow public access

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Component:User Interface - Service Agent
Category:feature request

Please confirm which "project" this needs to be a part of...I'm not sure where it would sit.

It is likely in the near future that we will have collections / objects that include both restricted and unrestricted content. As an example, see rutgers-lib:201051. Unauthenticated user downloads collection, it works properly, except the download size is only “approximately 125.54 kb”. The resulting .tar files opens normally. We need to develop an algorhythm to inform the user that there's more there, but they need to be properly authenticated to retrieve. Any way to address via metadata?




I have been thinking about this and my sense is it is an interface issue. The interface needs to somehow inform the users some components of the doanload are not available.


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Added. To test find a package download that works as expected. Then start applying different types of access restrictions. Once applied try to downlaod the package again. When using the "Select Files" option and expanding tree the restricted files should not have a checkbox next to them. The icon should be a lock with red text indicating the file will not be part of the download. A second more specific message will also appear if available depending on how the restriction is configured.


Version:7.7» 8.1


I started to test - we had a collection back in 7.0 that was restricted that I could use to test for access, but that seems to be unrestricted now. (It was at <a href="" title=""></a> ). Turns out this is the same collection that Kalaivani references in the 8.1 test instructions, under section E.

Looks like I can get into it with or without authentication. I'll check with Marty to see if she's restricted it, and if not, ask her to restrict. Then I'll see if the user messaging works.

-Reassigning to myself so it doesn't get lost.


Hi Aletia,

i checked and it is restricted to you and Yu-Hung. You are probably logged into My Account that is why it "works" for you. To test log out of My Account and visit the resource. It should lead you through the login process and back to the resource to then download it.


Status:test» fixed

Tested with Marty 5/19 - she restricted portions of the collection <a href="" title=""></a>. When not logged in, i can now see that I'm not authorized to get everything, IF I open the zip file directory - it shows that some of the zipped contents require login to access.

So I'll marked this fixed right now, but as we talked about yesterday, Chad, I'll add an additional feature request to display a notice below the Download Options display to indicate that there is a mix of public/non-public content included in the zip file. Thanks!


Status:fixed» closed

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