Report of all faculty deposits ingested after June 21, 2015

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Component:Report - production

Quick search in the SOAR portal indicates 37 articles have coversheet with the URL in the footer. Can I have a report identifying articles ingested since the PDF server was upgraded (June 22)? We need to recreate cover sheets for these articles.



Assigned to:Anonymous» ananthan
Status:active» test

I started a visual check of everything before 6/21 and I found more PDF's with the URL in the footer. I am attaching an expanded list. 37 in all. That matches the inital requests number of PDF's with issues. I included a 38th, the last one that was created without a URL for checking as well.


Here are 51 PIDs for SOAR objects created since June 22. A couple on that date were collection objects and didn't have a PDF. There may be a few like this in the first 50. The last with a bad coversheet was the 51 in this list.


The last (.txt) report is not helpful. I cross-checked this report with the previous report of 37 objects, and all of the "extra" objects are collection records. This is not what was asked for. The additional report only added time and effort and no additional or useful information. In fact, the previous report included one resource that this last report did not. Please check the content of additional reports to verify that it is necessary before posting.


Assigned to:ananthan» yuyang

I was able to recreate cover sheets for all but one object: rutgers-lib:47147. I'm investigating the problem.

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