Old authenticate login page still active

Project:RUcore dlr/EDIT
Category:bug report

This link is still active and takes you to the authenticate database:
<a href="http://mss3.libraries.rutgers.edu/dlr/EDIT/login.php" title="http://mss3.libraries.rutgers.edu/dlr/EDIT/login.php">http://mss3.libraries.rutgers.edu/dlr/EDIT/login.php</a>

When I entered my old username and password, I got a blank screen. This page should either redirect users to the SSO login page or be disabled.



For this first sso release I left the old authenticate login intentionally so that it would catch any obscure links that might have been missed in the conversion to sso. (A good example of this was the file in the SOLR subdirectory - which was bounced harmlessly to authenticate till we fixed it.) When we're sure there are no more corner cases like this, we can simply remove login.php and the authenticate directory.


Status:active» test


Status:test» fixed

Looks like the login.php has been removed.


Status:fixed» closed

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