Manage relationship does not show the current relationship

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There is no easy way to know the existing relationship between objects. Manage relationship only allows us to add a relationship. There is no way to purge a relationship unless you create one. This is confusing. We need to be able to see the relationship and add/change/purge as needed.



As far as I am aware, the relationship management page already does show all these things for both objects if there is an existing relationship: the title, landing page url (to test), the relationship itself, and a link to purge the relationship if desired. See the attached screenshot from rep-test. Note this object does not have relationships on production.


Would you like to have a message telling you if the object has no current relationships? That would be an easy feature to add.


Consider using the relationship api to manage relationship.
<a href="" title=""></a>


I do use the relationship api to manage everything - including the choice of relationships in the picklist.


The only thing is if I use the api directly, I am able to view existing relationships. But dlr/EDIT does not allow me to view existing relationships. We should be able to add, change, view, or purge relationship in dlr/EDIT.


It does allow you to view existing relationships - if the object in question has any. The relationship is printed between the links to the two objects. If there are no existing relationships, that part of the page is empty and there is only a form allowing you to add relationships. I could add a message to the effect that there are no existing relationships if you like.


In order to view relationship, currently, you need to go through searching and editing. Manage relationship link should allow the user to search a resource by PID and view relationships, if exist. If no relationship exists, "No relationship has been established for this resource".


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Status:test» fixed

It's a little better now. We'll submit enhancement request, if further changes are needed.


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