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Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Component:Searching - Service Agent
Category:feature request

When viewing a resource full record display by accessing the record directly using a DOI/handle or just the URL the display used is that of the root/main portal. Explore adding logic to set up a priority order where is a resource is part of another portal that has been given higher priority than the main portal that portals display is used.

Example is: Journal Article; member of SOAR, Scholarly portal and main/root portal.

SOAR is given higher priority over the main portal so that portal full record display configuration is used.



Version:7-x» 7.7


Status:active» test

I added a field to the ssPortals table schema; priority. It is an integer field and can be managed by portal administrators using the Database Management Tool. Here is how it works.

1) Login as a portal administrator
2) Goto Management Console->Database Management Tool->ssPortals
3) Find the database for the portal you want to prioritize or change the priority for.
4) Edit and change the value in the priority field.

Note - If two portals have the same priority # this will cause a conflict and will create irregular results. To check the current prioritization a new report has been added.

Management Console->Reports->Resource Display Prioritization

To test prioritize a portal with a full display different than the root portal over the root portal and view a resource from that portal directly. The display should follow the full record display defined for that portal in the stylizer.


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Assigned to:martyb» ananthan
Status:test» fixed

Works as specified.


Some questions came up regarding this feature. Here they are with response.

1. I just remembered that you said, in the issue I was testing, "Note - If two portals have the same priority # this will cause a conflict and will create irregular results". When I tested, I set my portal to priority 1 and the SOAR portal was already priority 1. My test worked (no irregular results), but could that be the reason I can't NULL the priority?

When two portals have the same priority number I cannot say which will come first. In your test your portal was selected first in this case; but that might not always be the case.

2. Also, it occurs to me that we'll have to be very careful when setting priorities, because we don't want to have to renumber everything every time we add a new priority to a portal.

Yes you are correct, however my hope is that once the priorities are set based on the "top tier" portals this won't have to be changed frequently. Now if I am wrong and we find ourselves changing these values frequently let's invest some time into creating a better management interface for this issue. For now I didn't think it would be worth the couple of days of development time.

3. If a portal has a NULL priority, it is at the bottom of the priority order, right?

Bingo, you got it!


Status:fixed» closed

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