Selecting a facet that starts with a special character yields no results

Project:RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing
Category:bug report

While testing issue "", I noticed that sometimes selecting a facet value yielded no results but searching for that string in the standard non-faceted search did show records that matched. It appears that if the facet value starts with a special character such as a parenthesis or apostrophe, that's when there are no matching records displayed. In my test, the facet was topic/subject and some example values are: (Aroclor) 1254, 'Athos I Oil Spill', 'Partners for Fish and Wildlife' program, 'A-280 Amendments. The portal used to find this problem is documented in the issue noted above.



Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search» RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing
Version:7.6» 7.6
Component:Portal Configuration - Search Portal Tool» Code
Assigned to:chadmills» triggs

I think this is an encoding issue. As an exmaple the 'Athos I Oil Spill' entry contains a ' in the MODS and not a '

<mods:topic>&apos;Athos I Oil Spill&apos;</mods:topic>

The search is looking for a ' and not &apos;

Resource in example is rutgers-lib:17247

I am moving this to the Solr project. Maybe Jeffery can provide his thoughts if this is addressable or not.


This would be similar to the problem we had with &quot; entities. I can probably get this in as a fix for this release.


Assigned to:triggs» chadmills
Status:active» test

I started zapping &apos; as well as &quot; and reindexed rutgers-lib:17247.


Assigned to:chadmills» martyb


Project:RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing» RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Version:7.6» 7.6
Component:Code» Portal Configuration - Search Portal Tool
Assigned to:martyb» chadmills
Status:test» active

Now the subject Athos I Oil Spill (in rutgers-lib:17247) shows up in the faceted list without the apostrophes, but selecting it yields no results.


Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search» RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing
Version:7.6» 7.6
Component:Portal Configuration - Search Portal Tool» Code
Assigned to:chadmills» triggs

Two things.

1) Did the field name get changed for topic? I have "topicf" in my configuration but I do not see it anywhere in the index file.

2) apos are still in the index.

<field name="topic">&apos;Athos I Oil Spill&apos;</field>
<field name="topic_txt">&apos;Athos I Oil Spill&apos;</field>


There should still be the old topicf field. It's defined in the schema.xml with the original fields. Where are you seeing the &apos; entities? In the dlr/EDIT view-solr-fields debug output, this and &quot; still appear, since that shows the fields as they are before the final zapping which happens just before they are posted to Solr. Even though they show in dlr/EDIT debug, they should not be in the index itself.


The fields I see are when I look at the SOLR index using the dlr/EDIT function; View SOLR index.


Assigned to:triggs» martyb
Status:active» test

The entities (actually &amp;apos; at this stage) still show up in the dlr/EDIT debug view, but should be gone in the Solr index itself. You can test this by looking at the facet results in RUcore I think.


Assigned to:martyb» triggs
Status:test» active

It still doesn't work.

I don't understand why the &apos; would display in the debug view if it isn't in the index itself. How do we get a true representation of what is in the index for a particular resource?

Also, what happened to "topicf?" In the debug view I see a "topic" field.

<field name="topic">&apos;Athos I Oil Spill&apos;</field>

Did "topicf" get replaced with "topic?"


Assigned to:triggs» chadmills
Status:active» test

I wondered now too - but just remembered - topicf is actually defined in schema.xml as a copy field, so never shows up in the data. Solr create it itself. As for the &apos; and &quot;, they get zapped at the very last second (after the stage where the debug text is created) just before posting to Solr. At the earlier stage, I need to escape the entities so that they don't get converted during XSLT processing and then catch these escaped entities before passing to Solr. I might try reproducing this in the debug output but for the moment I thought it was useful to see where these entities would be and compare with the results from Solr. One way to compare is to type "DEBUG:" at the beginning of a dlr/EDIT Solr search. This prints out the Solr search string, e.g.:
<a href=";facet=true&amp;facet.field=author_st&amp;facet.mincount=10&amp;version=2.2&amp;start=0&amp;rows=10&amp;indent=on&amp;sort=&amp;fl=id" title=";facet=true&amp;facet.field=author_st&amp;facet.mincount=10&amp;version=2.2&amp;start=0&amp;rows=10&amp;indent=on&amp;sort=&amp;fl=id"></a>
This can then be run on the command line with lynx or curl and tweaked to show other fields in the output, e.g.:
<a href=";facet=true&amp;facet.field=author_st&amp;facet.mincount=10&amp;version=2.2&amp;start=0&amp;rows=10&amp;indent=on&amp;sort=&amp;fl=id,topicf" title=";facet=true&amp;facet.field=author_st&amp;facet.mincount=10&amp;version=2.2&amp;start=0&amp;rows=10&amp;indent=on&amp;sort=&amp;fl=id,topicf"></a>
which gives out internal Solr data:
<str name="id">rutgers-lib:18355</str>
<arr name="topicf"><str>animals</str><str>conservation</str><str> coastal zone</str>
<str> community awareness</str><str> ecology</str><str> habitats</str><str> rivers</str>
<str> water</str><str> water resources</str><str> watershed</str><str>environmental education</str>
native plants</str>
indigenous plants</str><str>
<str name="id">rutgers-lib:17045</str>
<arr name="topicf"><str>animals</str><str>birds</str><str> conservation</str>
<str> ecology</str><str> ecosystems</str><str> endangered species</str><str> environmental data</str>
<str> environmental monitoring</str><str> environmental regions</str><str> fish</str><str> habitats</str>
<str> invertebrates</str><str> land use</str><str> landscape</str><str> protected areas</str>
<str> threatened species</str><str>natural resource management</str><str>
wildlife management</str><str>
wildlife conservation</str>
invasive species</str><str>
Best Management Practices</str><str>
The &apos; or ' should be missing from a field in this output.


Assigned to:chadmills» martyb

I also changed the portal tool configuration to use the "topic" field and not the "topicf" field. Please test.


Project:RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing» RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search
Version:7.6» 7.6
Component:Code» Portal Configuration - Search Portal Tool
Assigned to:martyb» chadmills
Status:test» active

Topics are now broken down into individual words and listed that way in the facet display list. For example, instead of listing the topic "Athos I Oil Spill", the display now has an entry for each of "athos", "I", "oil", and "spill". Selecting each of those entries brings up the resources that have that word in a subject field. One of those entries for each of those words is the resource that has the subject field of "Athos I Oil Spill".


That's because topic is a tokenized field. topicf is a copy field of the same data defined as a string.


Project:RUcore/NJDH/Partner Portal Search» RUcore SOLR Searching and Indexing
Version:7.6» 7.6
Component:Portal Configuration - Search Portal Tool» Code
Assigned to:chadmills» triggs

The current topic index field is probably a bad one to use for testing. Jeffery can you make a non-tokenized topic field? I thinks its a *_st field?


I also changed the portal tool configuration back to using "topicf" for now.


Would you like only mods:subject/mods:topic or mods:subject/mods:geographic and mods:subject/mods:name too?


I'd say for a test whatever you do to generate the topicf field do the same; except non-tokenized.


Assigned to:triggs» chadmills
Status:active» test

OK. I've created a new topic_st field using the data from mods:subject/mods:topic that you can use. (If we want others, we can add them in any time.) You just need to re-index some collections to start testing. Or shall we just run a complete portalcron?


Assigned to:chadmills» triggs
Status:test» active

Please reindex everything on test. Also, if you haven;t, apply this change on dev; topic_st, and reindex that as well. Then we can test. Thanks.


OK. Running portal cron refreshType=fedora now on both servers.


Still not finding the resource when applying the facet value. Looking at the index for the record directly from SOLR there is an extra space in the beginning of the value being indexed. This extra space is stripped and cleanup before performing the query again SOLR so that is most likely the culprit now. Any extra white space at the beginning OR the end needs to be removed before adding the value to the index. This should go for all values being indexed.

Here is a list of all of the topic_txt index values with leading white-space. There are also values with an extra white-space at the end of the value.

<int name=" Absecon-Somers Point">1</int>
<int name=" Accipiter gentilis">1</int>
<int name=" Aeration/Circulation">1</int>
<int name=" Algal blooms">1</int>
<int name=" Amazon">1</int>
<int name=" American Lobster Plan">1</int>
<int name=" American dictionaries">1</int>
<int name=" American shad">1</int>
<int name=" Americorps">1</int>
<int name=" Americorps NJ Watershed Ambassadors Program">1</int>
<int name=" Aquatic Weed Harvesting">1</int>
<int name=" Athos I Oil Spill">1</int>
<int name=" Atlantic menhaden">1</int>
<int name=" Baby Boomers">1</int>
<int name=" Bears">1</int>
<int name=" Beaver">1</int>
<int name=" Bell labs">1</int>
<int name=" Biotite">1</int>
<int name=" Birds">1</int>
<int name=" Boundary">1</int>
<int name=" Brazil">1</int>
<int name=" Broad St.">1</int>
<int name=" C-8)">1</int>
<int name=" Carrying Capacity">1</int>
<int name=" Century Dictionary">1</int>
<int name=" Church buildings">1</int>
<int name=" Clean Water Fund">1</int>
<int name=" Commissioner">1</int>
<int name=" Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations">1</int>
<int name=" Conservation">1</int>
<int name=" Corporate Environmental Stewardship Program (CESP)">1</int>
<int name=" Crassostrea virginica">1</int>
<int name=" DEP">1</int>
<int name=" Data Preservation">1</int>
<int name=" Data Security">1</int>
<int name=" Deer">1</int>
<int name=" Delaware">1</int>
<int name=" Demographics">1</int>
<int name=" Development Ordinance">1</int>
<int name=" Dilution/Flushing">1</int>
<int name=" Dinner, Awards, Meetings">1</int>
<int name=" Dispute">1</int>
<int name=" Dock Fire 1928">1</int>
<int name=" Dock fire (June 30, 1900)">1</int>
<int name=" EPA">1</int>
<int name=" ERL">1</int>
<int name=" ETD">1</int>
<int name=" Eastern Tiger Salamanders">1</int>
<int name=" Ecological Footprint">1</int>
<int name=" Ecological Risk Assessment">1</int>
<int name=" Ellis Island">1</int>
<int name=" Environmental impact">1</int>
<int name=" Eurasion watermilfoil">1</int>
<int name=" Farm-A-Syst">1</int>
<int name=" Farmstead Assessment System">1</int>
<int name=" Felines">1</int>
<int name=" Ferries">1</int>
<int name=" Fuels">1</int>
<int name=" Funeral">1</int>
<int name=" GIS">1</int>
<int name=" GPS receiver requirements">1</int>
<int name=" Garden State Parkway">1</int>
<int name=" Garnett">1</int>
<int name=" Global Positioning Systems">1</int>
<int name=" Gneiss">1</int>
<int name=" Graphite">1</int>
<int name=" Halsey St.">1</int>
<int name=" Herbicide Application">1</int>
<int name=" Herbology">1</int>
<int name=" Historic">1</int>
<int name=" Hoboken Riding academy fire">1</int>
<int name=" Horseshoe Crab">1</int>
<int name=" Human Ecology">1</int>
<int name=" John Berryman">1</int>
<int name=" K-12">1</int>
<int name=" Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer system">1</int>
<int name=" Lackawanna dock fire">1</int>
<int name=" Law">1</int>
<int name=" Lolita">1</int>
<int name=" MTBE">1</int>
<int name=" Mammals">1</int>
<int name=" Market St.">1</int>
<int name=" Maximum Contaminant Level">1</int>
<int name=" Memorandum of Understanding">1</int>
<int name=" Mid-Atlantic">1</int>
<int name=" Migration">1</int>
<int name=" Modern art">1</int>
<int name=" NJDEP">1</int>
<int name=" Natural Resources">1</int>
<int name=" Natural Resources Inventory">1</int>
<int name=" New Jersey Green Acres Program">1</int>
<int name=" New Jersey Pollution Prevention Act">1</int>
<int name=" New Jersey Waters">1</int>
<int name=" New York">1</int>
<int name=" OED">1</int>
<int name=" Oncorhynchus mykiss">1</int>
<int name=" Outdoor and Personal Air (RIOPA)">1</int>
<int name=" Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant">1</int>
<int name=" Painting">1</int>
<int name=" Paralichthys dentatus">1</int>
<int name=" Parks">1</int>
<int name=" Passaic River">1</int>
<int name=" Peregrin falcon">1</int>
<int name=" Personal">1</int>
<int name=" Pine Barrens tree frog">1</int>
<int name=" Plastics">1</int>
<int name=" Private Well Testing Act">1</int>
<int name=" RUcore">1</int>
<int name=" Rabies">1</int>
<int name=" Red Knots">1</int>
<int name=" Regional Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Siting Act">1</int>
<int name=" Representational art">1</int>
<int name=" Research Data Management">1</int>
<int name=" Right of way">1</int>
<int name=" SEEDS">1</int>
<int name=" SND">1</int>
<int name=" SOTA">1</int>
<int name=" Scholarly Research">1</int>
<int name=" Sediment Sealing">1</int>
<int name=" Sewerage">1</int>
<int name=" Shark River Clean up">1</int>
<int name=" Ships">1</int>
<int name=" Socioeconomics">1</int>
<int name=" Spring Grange">1</int>
<int name=" Stream Corridors">1</int>
<int name=" Sunday school">1</int>
<int name=" Supreme Court">1</int>
<int name=" TCDD">1</int>
<int name=" TMDL">1</int>
<int name=" Topography">1</int>
<int name=" U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)">1</int>
<int name=" USGA Bernardsville Quadrangle site location map">1</int>
<int name=" Upsala College">1</int>
<int name=" VOCs">1</int>
<int name=" WMA 2">1</int>
<int name=" Watershed Watch Network">1</int>
<int name=" Websters">1</int>
<int name=" Wendell Berry">1</int>
<int name=" Wild Canines">1</int>
<int name=" acetaldehyde">1</int>
<int name=" adhesive industry">1</int>
<int name=" agricultural runoff">1</int>
<int name=" alewife">1</int>
<int name=" altmetrics">1</int>
<int name=" aluminum">1</int>
<int name=" ambush algae">1</int>
<int name=" ammonia">1</int>
<int name=" ammonia nitrogen">1</int>
<int name=" analysis">1</int>
<int name=" and Countermeasure Plan (DPCC))">1</int>
<int name=" and Countermeasure Rules (DPCC)">1</int>
<int name=" and Foods Act">1</int>
<int name=" and Synthetic Fibers (OCPSF) Rule">1</int>
<int name=" and financial capacity">1</int>
<int name=" anthropogenic pollution">1</int>
<int name=" aquatic ecosystem">1</int>
<int name=" aquatic organisms">1</int>
<int name=" aquifer recharge">1</int>
<int name=" archaeology">1</int>
<int name=" architecture">1</int>
<int name=" asphalt plants">1</int>
<int name=" atrazine">1</int>
<int name=" backyard">1</int>
<int name=" bacteriological quality">1</int>
<int name=" bakery ovens">1</int>
<int name=" barrier islands">1</int>
<int name=" base map topography">1</int>
<int name=" baseline documentation">1</int>
<int name=" bat">1</int>
<int name=" bayshore">1</int>
<int name=" beach nourishment">1</int>
<int name=" beach volume">1</int>
<int name=" beachfront">1</int>
<int name=" bears">1</int>
<int name=" beaver">1</int>
<int name=" bedrock geology">1</int>
<int name=" benthic macrofauna">1</int>
<int name=" benthos">1</int>
<int name=" berm">1</int>
<int name=" bikeway">1</int>
<int name=" binoculars">1</int>
<int name=" bioassessment rating">1</int>
<int name=" biochemical oxygen">1</int>
<int name=" biodiesel">1</int>
<int name=" biodiversity">1</int>
<int name=" biofilteration">1</int>
<int name=" biological monitoring">1</int>
<int name=" biological resources">1</int>
<int name=" biological vapor-phase treatment">1</int>
<int name=" blueback herring">1</int>
<int name=" boats">1</int>
<int name=" bog turtle">1</int>
<int name=" boilers">1</int>
<int name=" boiling">1</int>
<int name=" book">1</int>
<int name=" boundary lines">1</int>
<int name=" bridges">1</int>
<int name=" buffer zones">1</int>
<int name=" build">1</int>
<int name=" building footprints">1</int>
<int name=" building site development">1</int>
<int name=" bus line">1</int>
<int name=" businesses">1</int>
<int name=" cactus">1</int>
<int name=" cadmium">1</int>
<int name=" calendar of events">1</int>
<int name=" campus">1</int>
<int name=" canada geese">1</int>
<int name=" carbaryl">1</int>
<int name=" carbon storage tanks">1</int>
<int name=" carbonate fractured-rock aquifers">1</int>
<int name=" carbonate rock">1</int>
<int name=" case study">1</int>
<int name=" catalog">1</int>
<int name=" catalytic oxidation">1</int>
<int name=" celled organisms">1</int>
<int name=" cemeteries">1</int>
<int name=" cemetery">1</int>
<int name=" chemical fluorescence">1</int>
<int name=" chemical treatment">1</int>
<int name=" chemicals industry">1</int>
<int name=" childhood cancer">1</int>
<int name=" chlordane data">1</int>
<int name=" chlorination">1</int>
<int name=" chromium">1</int>
<int name=" chuch">1</int>
<int name=" clam">1</int>
<int name=" clam seed buyer">1</int>
<int name=" clean air act">1</int>
<int name=" clemmys muhlenbergii">1</int>
<int name=" climatological data">1</int>
<int name=" coastal areas">1</int>
<int name=" coastal erosion">1</int>
<int name=" coastal habitat">1</int>
<int name=" coastal sharks">1</int>
<int name=" coastal water">1</int>
<int name=" coastal waters">1</int>
<int name=" coastlines">1</int>
<int name=" cold water">1</int>
<int name=" collection">1</int>
<int name=" colleges">1</int>
<int name=" comments">1</int>
<int name=" commercial fishermen">1</int>
<int name=" community activism">1</int>
<int name=" community wells">1</int>
<int name=" conservation easements">1</int>
<int name=" conservation officers">1</int>
<int name=" contaminiation">1</int>
<int name=" contemporary novel">1</int>
<int name=" continuing-record station">1</int>
<int name=" continuous-recording station">1</int>
<int name=" cost-share assistance">1</int>
<int name=" county parcel">1</int>
<int name=" county parks">1</int>
<int name=" county road">1</int>
<int name=" creek">1</int>
<int name=" crest-stage gage">1</int>
<int name=" critical habitat">1</int>
<int name=" critical slopes">1</int>
<int name=" crop tree management">1</int>
<int name=" crytosporidium">1</int>
<int name=" cultural factors">1</int>
<int name=" cultural features">1</int>
<int name=" cultural resources">1</int>
<int name=" datum">1</int>
<int name=" degreasers">1</int>
<int name=" delineations">1</int>
<int name=" demography">1</int>
<int name=" dinoflagellate">1</int>
<int name=" discharge">1</int>
<int name=" discharge prevention">1</int>
<int name=" discharges">1</int>
<int name=" distillation">1</int>
<int name=" districts">1</int>
<int name=" drainage">1</int>
<int name=" drinking water regulations">1</int>
<int name=" drinking water standards">1</int>
<int name=" drought regions">1</int>
<int name=" ducks">1</int>
<int name=" dune systems">1</int>
<int name=" ecological classification">1</int>
<int name=" ecological integrity">1</int>
<int name=" ecological mapping">1</int>
<int name=" ecological risk assessment">1</int>
<int name=" economy">1</int>
<int name=" ecorisk">1</int>
<int name=" edge communities">1</int>
<int name=" effluents">1</int>
<int name=" electronic dictionaries">1</int>
<int name=" elegiac poetry">1</int>
<int name=" elevation model">1</int>
<int name=" emergency">1</int>
<int name=" endangered and threatened species">1</int>
<int name=" energy accounting">1</int>
<int name=" energy consumption">1</int>
<int name=" energy efficiency">1</int>
<int name=" energy utilization">1</int>
<int name=" enforcement programs">1</int>
<int name=" environmental assessment">1</int>
<int name=" environmental educations">1</int>
<int name=" environmental features">1</int>
<int name=" environmental impacts">1</int>
<int name=" environmentally sensitive areas">1</int>
<int name=" epidemiological studies">1</int>
<int name=" equity">1</int>
<int name=" erodibility">1</int>
<int name=" estuarine">1</int>
<int name=" estuarine theory">1</int>
<int name=" ethylene oxide">1</int>
<int name=" exclusion">1</int>
<int name=" exotic invasive pests">1</int>
<int name=" factor analysis">1</int>
<int name=" factory">1</int>
<int name=" farming">1</int>
<int name=" farmland">1</int>
<int name=" farmland preservation">1</int>
<int name=" farmlands">1</int>
<int name=" fatuousness ">1</int>
<int name=" fecal pollution">1</int>
<int name=" fecal streptococcus bacteria">1</int>
<int name=" federal insurance rate maps">1</int>
<int name=" felines">1</int>
<int name=" fiction">1</int>
<int name=" field and forage crops">1</int>
<int name=" field crop">1</int>
<int name=" field nursery">1</int>
<int name=" fire house">1</int>
<int name=" fire station">1</int>
<int name=" fish ">1</int>
<int name=" fish bioaccumulation">1</int>
<int name=" fish kill">1</int>
<int name=" fishing vessel">1</int>
<int name=" fishing vessels">1</int>
<int name=" floatables">1</int>
<int name=" flood">1</int>
<int name=" flood areas">1</int>
<int name=" flood hazard areas wetlands endangered species">1</int>
<int name=" flood hazards">1</int>
<int name=" flooding">1</int>
<int name=" flow">1</int>
<int name=" flow control">1</int>
<int name=" flow rate">1</int>
<int name=" flowers">1</int>
<int name=" fluke">1</int>
<int name=" fluorescence">1</int>
<int name=" fluoridated water">1</int>
<int name=" forestry">1</int>
<int name=" fracture length">1</int>
<int name=" freshwater wetlands">1</int>
<int name=" fumigators">1</int>
<int name=" funding">1</int>
<int name=" funeral">1</int>
<int name=" gage height">1</int>
<int name=" gaging stations">1</int>
<int name=" game code">1</int>
<int name=" gardens">1</int>
<int name=" gas">1</int>
<int name=" gasoline">1</int>
<int name=" geese">1</int>
<int name=" genetic engineering">1</int>
<int name=" geographic information systems">1</int>
<int name=" geological survey">1</int>
<int name=" geology aquifers">1</int>
<int name=" giardia">1</int>
<int name=" glass">1</int>
<int name=" glass industry">1</int>
<int name=" global warming">1</int>
<int name=" gneiss">1</int>
<int name=" government">1</int>
<int name=" graphic arts industry">1</int>
<int name=" grasslands">1</int>
<int name=" gravel deposits">1</int>
<int name=" grazing">1</int>
<int name=" green acres">1</int>
<int name=" green belt">1</int>
<int name=" greenbelts">1</int>
<int name=" greenway">1</int>
<int name=" gross exceptions">1</int>
<int name=" ground covers">1</int>
<int name=" ground-water analysis">1</int>
<int name=" groundwater resources">1</int>
<int name=" gypsy moth">1</int>
<int name=" habitat modification">1</int>
<int name=" habitat protection">1</int>
<int name=" hard clam">1</int>
<int name=" hard clam seed">1</int>
<int name=" hardness">1</int>
<int name=" hatchery operator">1</int>
<int name=" hazardous substances">1</int>
<int name=" heaths">1</int>
<int name=" helonias bullata">1</int>
<int name=" hemlock woolly adelgid">1</int>
<int name=" herbicides">1</int>
<int name=" hickory shad">1</int>
<int name=" hiking trails">1</int>
<int name=" historic factors">1</int>
<int name=" historic places">1</int>
<int name=" historical">1</int>
<int name=" holly">1</int>
<int name=" home wells">1</int>
<int name=" horticulture">1</int>
<int name=" hospital">1</int>
<int name=" hotels">1</int>
<int name=" houses">1</int>
<int name=" housing">1</int>
<int name=" hurricanes">1</int>
<int name=" hydraulic control">1</int>
<int name=" hydraulics">1</int>
<int name=" hydric soils">1</int>
<int name=" hydrogeologic and well model-input parameter selection">1</int>
<int name=" hydrogeology">1</int>
<int name=" hydrologic resources">1</int>
<int name=" hypothermia">1</int>
<int name=" impact of development">1</int>
<int name=" implementation">1</int>
<int name=" indigenous plants">1</int>
<int name=" industries">1</int>
<int name=" ink industry">1</int>
<int name=" internal combustion engines">1</int>
<int name=" internet resources">1</int>
<int name=" introduced plants">1</int>
<int name=" invironmental impact">1</int>
<int name=" iodine">1</int>
<int name=" iron mine">1</int>
<int name=" iron ore vein">1</int>
<int name=" isolation and fractionation">1</int>
<int name=" keyword 2">1</int>
<int name=" land and water">1</int>
<int name=" land inventory">1</int>
<int name=" landfills">1</int>
<int name=" landform">1</int>
<int name=" landowner">1</int>
<int name=" landscapes">1</int>
<int name=" lawn fertilizers">1</int>
<int name=" least sandpiper">1</int>
<int name=" library">1</int>
<int name=" lighthouses">1</int>
<int name=" limestone">1</int>
<int name=" limestone fen">1</int>
<int name=" limestone pondshore">1</int>
<int name=" local governement">1</int>
<int name=" lots">1</int>
<int name=" love and death">1</int>
<int name=" low alloy steel storage tanks">1</int>
<int name=" lumbar">1</int>
<int name=" mad cow disease (BSE)">1</int>
<int name=" madness">1</int>
<int name=" maintenance">1</int>
<int name=" managerial">1</int>
<int name=" manganese">1</int>
<int name=" mapping">1</int>
<int name=" maps">1</int>
<int name=" marinas">1</int>
<int name=" marine fisheries">1</int>
<int name=" marine fisheries data">1</int>
<int name=" marsh">1</int>
<int name=" maximum contaminant levels">1</int>
<int name=" mayors">1</int>
<int name=" meadowlands">1</int>
<int name=" measurement and assessment">1</int>
<int name=" memorandum of understanding">1</int>
<int name=" merge">1</int>
<int name=" meteorolgy">1</int>
<int name=" metolachlor">1</int>
<int name=" microorganisms">1</int>
<int name=" migratory">1</int>
<int name=" mills">1</int>
<int name=" mine">1</int>
<int name=" modern American Poetry">1</int>
<int name=" modern Welsh poetry">1</int>
<int name=" modern religious poetry">1</int>
<int name=" municipal buildings">1</int>
<int name=" municipal corporations">1</int>
<int name=" municipal parks">1</int>
<int name=" museum">1</int>
<int name=" narrative strategies">1</int>
<int name=" native vegetation">1</int>
<int name=" natural features">1</int>
<int name=" natural habitats">1</int>
<int name=" natural resource inventory">1</int>
<int name=" nature conservancy">1</int>
<int name=" nickel">1</int>
<int name=" nitrates">1</int>
<int name=" nitrogen fertilizers">1</int>
<int name=" noise ordinance">1</int>
<int name=" non-hazardous waste">1</int>
<int name=" non-industrial forest landowner">1</int>
<int name=" non-parametric statistical analysis">1</int>
<int name=" non-point source pollution">1</int>
<int name=" nonionic surfactants">1</int>
<int name=" nonpoint sources of pollution">1</int>
<int name=" nurseries">1</int>
<int name=" oceanography">1</int>
<int name=" oil spill">1</int>
<int name=" on-site dumping">1</int>
<int name=" online resources">1</int>
<int name=" open space ">1</int>
<int name=" open space plan">1</int>
<int name=" open space utilizing">1</int>
<int name=" operating permit">1</int>
<int name=" orchids">1</int>
<int name=" organic carbon fractions">1</int>
<int name=" organic compounds">1</int>
<int name=" ornamental horticulture">1</int>
<int name=" orthophosphate phosphorous">1</int>
<int name=" owl">1</int>
<int name=" oxygen">1</int>
<int name=" oyster">1</int>
<int name=" ozonation vs. chlorination">1</int>
<int name=" pH">1</int>
<int name=" paint industry">1</int>
<int name=" paper">1</int>
<int name=" paralichthys dentatus">1</int>
<int name=" parametric statistical analysis">1</int>
<int name=" particulate matter">1</int>
<int name=" permits">1</int>
<int name=" pesticide">1</int>
<int name=" petroleum hydrocarbons">1</int>
<int name=" petroleum pollution">1</int>
<int name=" petroleum refineries">1</int>
<int name=" pharmaceuticals industry">1</int>
<int name=" phosphate">1</int>
<int name=" phosphorus">1</int>
<int name=" picnicking">1</int>
<int name=" pine tree">1</int>
<int name=" planting">1</int>
<int name=" pollutants">1</int>
<int name=" pollution control">1</int>
<int name=" pollution risks">1</int>
<int name=" pond water algae">1</int>
<int name=" population density">1</int>
<int name=" potable wells">1</int>
<int name=" power plants">1</int>
<int name=" pretreatment">1</int>
<int name=" prevention">1</int>
<int name=" principal component analysis">1</int>
<int name=" printing">1</int>
<int name=" private forest">1</int>
<int name=" private forest landowner">1</int>
<int name=" private parks">1</int>
<int name=" private well">1</int>
<int name=" product certification">1</int>
<int name=" propane">1</int>
<int name=" pruning">1</int>
<int name=" public health">1</int>
<int name=" public land">1</int>
<int name=" public lands">1</int>
<int name=" public schools">1</int>
<int name=" publishing">1</int>
<int name=" qualifications">1</int>
<int name=" rabies">1</int>
<int name=" race track">1</int>
<int name=" radiation">1</int>
<int name=" radioactive">1</int>
<int name=" radium contamination">1</int>
<int name=" radon testing">1</int>
<int name=" railroad lines">1</int>
<int name=" railroad station">1</int>
<int name=" railways">1</int>
<int name=" rainfall correlation">1</int>
<int name=" rare species">1</int>
<int name=" reconnaissance wells">1</int>
<int name=" record">1</int>
<int name=" record keeping">1</int>
<int name=" recyclables">1</int>
<int name=" red knot">1</int>
<int name=" regional growth areas">1</int>
<int name=" regional parks">1</int>
<int name=" remediation activities">1</int>
<int name=" remote sensing">1</int>
<int name=" rescue">1</int>
<int name=" research">1</int>
<int name=" research program">1</int>
<int name=" residences">1</int>
<int name=" resident">1</int>
<int name=" residential development">1</int>
<int name=" restaurant">1</int>
<int name=" richardson numbers">1</int>
<int name=" ridge line">1</int>
<int name=" riparian areas">1</int>
<int name=" river drainage">1</int>
<int name=" river herring">1</int>
<int name=" road">1</int>
<int name=" road names">1</int>
<int name=" road right of way">1</int>
<int name=" rocky mountain elk">1</int>
<int name=" runoff">1</int>
<int name=" safety regulations">1</int>
<int name=" salamander">1</int>
<int name=" sampling stations">1</int>
<int name=" sanderling">1</int>
<int name=" sanitary facilities">1</int>
<int name=" scenic roads and vistas">1</int>
<int name=" school districts">1</int>
<int name=" scum">1</int>
<int name=" search">1</int>
<int name=" secondary drinking water standards">1</int>
<int name=" seeds">1</int>
<int name=" sensitive areas">1</int>
<int name=" septic limitations">1</int>
<int name=" septic suitability">1</int>
<int name=" septic systems">1</int>
<int name=" sewage treatment plants">1</int>
<int name=" sewer drainage">1</int>
<int name=" sewerage">1</int>
<int name=" sewers">1</int>
<int name=" shearing">1</int>
<int name=" shellfish farming">1</int>
<int name=" shore erosion">1</int>
<int name=" shorebirds">1</int>
<int name=" shoreline">1</int>
<int name=" shrubs">1</int>
<int name=" siltation">1</int>
<int name=" sinkholes">1</int>
<int name=" site cleanup">1</int>
<int name=" site development">1</int>
<int name=" skinny-boy flex ">1</int>
<int name=" sloping forests">1</int>
<int name=" soil absorption system">1</int>
<int name=" soil nutrients">1</int>
<int name=" soil properties">1</int>
<int name=" soil suitability for agricultural use">1</int>
<int name=" soil types and texture">1</int>
<int name=" solid waste">1</int>
<int name=" solvent based metal surface cleaners">1</int>
<int name=" sonnets">1</int>
<int name=" spatial data">1</int>
<int name=" special">1</int>
<int name=" special concern">1</int>
<int name=" species of concern">1</int>
<int name=" spectral fluorescent signatures">1</int>
<int name=" spotting scopes">1</int>
<int name=" state highway">1</int>
<int name=" state parks">1</int>
<int name=" station">1</int>
<int name=" stationary gas turbines">1</int>
<int name=" steam rail">1</int>
<int name=" steel structures">1</int>
<int name=" sterilizers">1</int>
<int name=" storm water">1</int>
<int name=" storms">1</int>
<int name=" stream corridor">1</int>
<int name=" stream ecology">1</int>
<int name=" streambed">1</int>
<int name=" streambed-material analysis">1</int>
<int name=" streamflow">1</int>
<int name=" streeet car line">1</int>
<int name=" street car lines">1</int>
<int name=" street index">1</int>
<int name=" striped bass">1</int>
<int name=" students">1</int>
<int name=" suburban">1</int>
<int name=" sumacs">1</int>
<int name=" supersaturation">1</int>
<int name=" surface coating operations">1</int>
<int name=" surface water features">1</int>
<int name=" surface water quality">1</int>
<int name=" surface-water analysis">1</int>
<int name=" suspended-sediment concentrations">1</int>
<int name=" swamp">1</int>
<int name=" swamp pink">1</int>
<int name=" tax">1</int>
<int name=" technical manual">1</int>
<int name=" telegraph lines">1</int>
<int name=" territorial seas">1</int>
<int name=" tested">1</int>
<int name=" testing">1</int>
<int name=" threatened and endangered species">1</int>
<int name=" threatened and endangered species.">1</int>
<int name=" threatened and endangered wildlife">1</int>
<int name=" tidal">1</int>
<int name=" tidal marsh">1</int>
<int name=" tidal marshes">1</int>
<int name=" tide">1</int>
<int name=" tides">1</int>
<int name=" tomcod">1</int>
<int name=" tooth decay">1</int>
<int name=" town boundaries">1</int>
<int name=" towns">1</int>
<int name=" toxics reduction">1</int>
<int name=" toxin">1</int>
<int name=" trace metals">1</int>
<int name=" trail map">1</int>
<int name=" trail system">1</int>
<int name=" transfer station">1</int>
<int name=" transmission lines">1</int>
<int name=" treatments">1</int>
<int name=" tree care">1</int>
<int name=" trends">1</int>
<int name=" trolley">1</int>
<int name=" trollies">1</int>
<int name=" turbidity">1</int>
<int name=" turbulent mixing">1</int>
<int name=" types of trees">1</int>
<int name=" universities">1</int>
<int name=" unvegetated landscapes">1</int>
<int name=" urban">1</int>
<int name=" urban areas">1</int>
<int name=" urban estuary">1</int>
<int name=" user guide">1</int>
<int name=" utility decommissioning">1</int>
<int name=" vegetation wetlands">1</int>
<int name=" vernal habitats">1</int>
<int name=" vernal ponds">1</int>
<int name=" viscous-advective-diffusive balance">1</int>
<int name=" volatile organic compound storage tanks">1</int>
<int name=" volatile organics">1</int>
<int name=" voting">1</int>
<int name=" voting districts">1</int>
<int name=" wa">1</int>
<int name=" wards">1</int>
<int name=" warm water">1</int>
<int name=" waste">1</int>
<int name=" waste by-products">1</int>
<int name=" waste gas purification">1</int>
<int name=" waste water">1</int>
<int name=" wastewater disposal">1</int>
<int name=" water availability">1</int>
<int name=" water bodies">1</int>
<int name=" water column">1</int>
<int name=" water fluoridation">1</int>
<int name=" water level">1</int>
<int name=" water levelshydrologic data">1</int>
<int name=" water lines and hydrants">1</int>
<int name=" water purveyors">1</int>
<int name=" water resou">1</int>
<int name=" water resource">1</int>
<int name=" water temperatures">1</int>
<int name=" watershed basins">1</int>
<int name=" waterways">1</int>
<int name=" weakfish">1</int>
<int name=" weather">1</int>
<int name=" well">1</int>
<int name=" well field">1</int>
<int name=" well sites">1</int>
<int name=" well water testing">1</int>
<int name=" wellbore skin">1</int>
<int name=" wellbore storage">1</int>
<int name=" westlands">1</int>
<int name=" wet lands">1</int>
<int name=" wetland restoration">1</int>
<int name=" wharfs">1</int>
<int name=" wild canines">1</int>
<int name=" winter flounder">1</int>
<int name=" wood turtle">1</int>
<int name=" workflow">1</int>
<int name=" yellow snapper">1</int>
<int name=" zones">1</int>


Assigned to:triggs» martyb
Status:active» test

We think it's finally fixed. I'm reindexing now on rep-test (1% complete as I write), but it should soon be ready to test. The one &apos; object is already indexed.


Assigned to:martyb» ananthan
Status:test» fixed

It's fixed. Now, topics that begin with a parenthesis (the metadata subject field begins with a parenthesis) are shown with the parenthesis in the facet list and selecting them gives the correct record(s). Topics that begin with an apostrophe (the metadata subject field begins with an apostrophe) are shown without the apostrophe in the facet list and selecting them gives the correct record(s).


Status:fixed» closed

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